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Digital Dos on Social Media

It’s finally hot here in Northern Virginia. In case the sun has you feeling a little brain fried, here’s a reminder of important “dos” on social media.

Do you

Let your readers see your personality shine through. Share your unique insight and strike a conversational tone that engages readers. Be social!

Think before you post

Big caution! Whether you post on company or personal pages, consider how everyone you are connected to may react. Hot-button topics like politics, religion, and gender issues are all over the news right now, but think before you add your commentary. Your customers will likely see the post, even if it was intended for a personal account.

Know your goal, but have a relationship mindset

We all want to grow sales, but social media isn’t strictly an ad space. You need to build your brand reputation, generate awareness, and increase visibility of your business. Take time to build relationships online.

Care for Your Audience

You are not the only one with needs – your audience has needs too. In fact, that’s probably what motivates them to read your content. They hope you can help in some way. Focus your content on what will help your audience and write it in a way that they will understand.