Elements of a great online newsroom

Elements of a Great Online Newsroom

Social media has given reporters more resources for stories, but it is still essential for every brand to have an online information resource. Your online newsroom is the place where a reporter can get credible, authorized information about you and your subject matter experts. It’s where fact checkers will go when they want to verify information they find elsewhere online.

What Makes a Great Online Newsroom

Your online newsroom should offer the following content.

News Contacts

  • PR/media contacts, including names, email address and phones
  • Thought leaders/SME names and areas of expertise

Company Information

  • News releases
  • Company background
  • Executive bios
  • Key company facts and data
  • Events Calendar


  • Digital press kit
  • Video
  • High-res photos
  • Information Request Form
  • Ability to sign up for your media list/email list
  • Links to authoritative sources of information about your organization including your social media channels and independent websites related to your business or industry

Monitoring Your Online Newsroom

Your newsroom should be optimized for search engine visibility to ensure that any interested media are able to easily find it. This includes calling the page “newsroom” or something that makes the content clear. Be sure to use the keywords used by media in your industry.

Make sure Google Analytics is set up to track use of the online newsroom page and related resources. Use this data to make sure that the most desirable information is easy to find, and to remove clutter caused by information that is not useful.