Elements to Consider for Your Instagram Strategy

The potential for connecting with customers on Instagram grows as the number of users and features steadily increase. Here’s a look at some important features to consider in your Insta strategy.

Instagram Verification

Take the steps to apply for a verified account. Users with a larger following can request verification. This increases credibility and also helps to stop copycat accounts.

Add Hashtags to Your Profile

Instagram now allows clickable hashtags and mentions in your profile bio. Brands can promote campaign hashtags in the bio, enabling followers to click on it and see all of the content posted.

Engagement Tools

Instagram offers likes, comments, and story view metrics. There are also interactive stickers, including the emoji slider, polls and questions. Use all of these to get engagement and gather feedback from your audience.

Long Form Video

Research suggests that people  increasingly watch  long-form videos on their smartphones. Instagram’s IGTV gives users a chance to share longer vertical video on Instagram.

Ads in Stories

Instagram Stories is one of Instagram’s most popular areas.  Stories ads allow businesses to insert full-screen promotions, sandwiched between the stories of the people a user follows.

Sharing for Stories

Previously if someone mentioned you in their story and you wanted to share that update with your followers, you had to take a screenshot. Now there is an “Add This to Your Story” option. This makes it easier to repost mentions from other users.