Facebook Groups Can Restore Your Reach

Facebook Groups Are Seen More

Facebook groups enable members to start conversations more seamlessly than a Facebook company page does. They are also in keeping with Facebook’s overall shift away from public sharing to discussions in places where people opt in.

Posts from groups in which users are active are given higher status in their news feed, so group posts are more likely to be seen than page posts.

Consider these benefits:

  • All group members see group posts
  • Members can start conversations among themselves
  • Members are approved, creating a real sense of being wanted and connected to you

How to use Facebook Groups

Create a group that will be interesting to the people who you want to join. This may mean focusing on a topic that is broader than just you or your brand. The easiest way to build a community is by offering something of interest.

Here are some basic steps to follow:

  1. When you start a group, be sure to fill in all the information
  2. Set group rules to set the tone for the behavior of members and protect you if you have to kick anyone out for working against the group’s purpose
  3. Post relevant items regularly and invite participation – share content here that members won’t see elsewhere
  4. Interact with member posts, comments and likes
  5. Keep up with the group analytics to know what’s working