Users of major social media networks continue to grow

Facebook Page Ideas for Your Small Business

A Facebook page is a worthwhile marketing tactic for small businesses. Although the growth of Facebook has slowed in recent years, it is still the one social media platform that most people use.

To create a page for your business, you need to first create a profile for you as a person. From there, you can create a page for your company. Unfortunately, a company page cannot be created as a standalone account.

Marketing Value of Facebook Pages

Facebook has significantly changed the visibility of pages. Few (if any) people see page content in their Facebook feeds. This organic reach has been all but ended at Facebook. Only sponsored (paid) posts are shared.

There is still significant value to being on Facebook despite the elimination of organic reach. As the platform that so many people use, it is a great place for social proof. On Facebook we see recommendations from people we know and trust. We find businesses that people we know use. It becomes a place where people get qualified recommendations for businesses to use.

  • Your followers can visit your page and see your posts.
  • When someone follows your page, their connections with similar interests may get a prompt from Facebook encouraging them to also follow your page.
  • When anyone talks about you or recommends you on Facebook, they can tag your page, which includes your contact information.

Managing Your Facebook Page

The amount of time you devote to your Facebook page should depend on the overall value of the platform in your marketing mix. Businesses that have customers and prospects who are active Facebook users will want to spend more time marketing on Facebook. Other businesses will just want a basic presence that will allow for social proof and as a way for people to find your website and other basic contact information.

All businesses should make sure their Facebook page is complete and accurate. The available fields change over time, so it is important to check periodically to ensure your page information is complete.

Be sure to use images in your profile that accurately represent your business. The profile image should be your current logo and branding. The cover photo should represent the products or services you offer, and should have the same look and feel as your website.

Beyond sharing more complete business information on your page, you should add posts. The frequency of your posts should be dictated by how active your target customer is on the platform.

Not sure what to publish on your page? Here are three quick ways to connect with others:

  • Publish a business status update as text, photo, and/or video just to let people know that you are still in business!
  • Ask a question. What would you like to learn from your customers? Do you have an idea that they can help you explore? People like to offer ideas!
  • Share pictures of customers, work you have done, or customer feedback you have received.