Fix Your Social Media Thinking

Social media is not a new marketing tool. You think you have got it figured out. Best practices have changed over time leading some marketers to use outdated tactics that are actually working against success.

Followers Don’t Equal Success

Followers and on-platform engagement alone will not help grow your business. Marketers who are tracking the number of followers and/or the amount of likes they get on a post are making a huge mistake.

Metrics such as impressions, website visits, time on site, conversions, and bounce rate are more insightful. These show you how social media activity helps you meet your business goals.

Lots of Posts, No Impact

Posting is not enough. The content needs to be meaningful to your audience. Provide information about why your brand exists, how you do what you do, and the benefit to customers. Content should speak to audience interests and be easy to understand.

Learn from Every Post

There is no one way to find success on social. Your brand, your goals, your audience and your story all add up to define a unique path to success. Look at your data to learn about what works, what doesn’t, and to find opportunities.

Social Media Isn’t the Whole Answer

A big mistake that a lot of brands make is thinking that social media alone makes a great marketing plan.  You need a complete online presence: a high-quality website, email marketing, and a solid search engine marketing approach. All of these elements need to work in concert to advance toward your goal.