Follow up email improves your ROI

Follow Up Email Improves Your ROI

Guest Post By: Erin Alli

You know follow up emails are important to your business. You’ve heard the statistics.

Do you have them in place though?  Many people put this off because they think:

  • What should I write?
  • How often should I follow up?
  • What should I expect in return?
  • Will I be bothering people if I follow up?

Sound familiar?

Sales don’t happen in one touch.  It often takes more than a dozen reach-outs before someone realizes they need what you’re offering.

We’ve all done this. We check our emails and skip over “unimportant” ones because we are busy. Then one day we are in the right mindset when we see the email. It hits a trigger for us, and we decide to check out what the person is offering and maybe even buy.

If that person had stopped after the first email, they wouldn’t have gotten a sale and we wouldn’t have had our problem solved.

Think of all the “big name” business owners you follow.  You look forward to their content and they send it out every week.  You don’t feel bothered by it; you feel inspired.

That is what great follow-up and keeping in touch is all about.  It’s a way to stay in front of the people that already said they are interested in what you have to say, so when the time is right, they reach out to you.

A sequence that keeps you in front of people ongoing, such as a newsletter with your latest blog or video clip, is a great way to stay in front of people.   

Your content must be engaging, and you need a great subject line to get people intrigued enough to open the email in the first place.

Data from Yesware, an email software company, states that you have a 21% chance of receiving a reply to a follow up email if you don’t get a response to your initial email.  And if you don’t get a reply to the second email there is still a 25% chance that you will eventually get a reply from the recipient, it just may take a little time.

Make your email personal.  Don’t write to the masses, write to your avatar.  If the person reading your email relates, you have made a connection.

You want to build an ongoing relationship, so the recipient can know, like and trust you more with each email.

Your emails should be valuable to the receiver but to the point.  Don’t put all the information in the email. Put the content that will get them interested and provide a link to a sales page or information page so they can choose to click and read more if they are interested.  They will appreciate you getting to the point and respecting their time.

Add a clear call to action.  What should they do next.  And remember to only put 1 call to action.  Too many options results in no actions being taken.

Follow-up emails are the most important emails you can send. With the right process in place, they can be “set it and forget it” and run on their own in the background while you focus on other important things.

About the Author

Erin Alli is a Business and Certified Health Coach with a specialty in Mental Health.  She is also a Copywriter and Online Business Manager with a team of Virtual Assistants. Erin and her team help clients worldwide to create a strong foundation in their business, put strategies in place to grow, increase revenue and decrease the chance of burnout. She has over 18 years’ experience in supporting clients to start a business, grow a business to the next level, and take better care of themselves so they can be at peak performance levels in business and life.