Functional use of AI in your freelance graphic design work

Guest Post by Heather Snyder, Heather Hearts Art

5 ways to use AI and enhance your design process

Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into freelance graphic design work is transforming the way designers create. AI-powered tools offer a wide range of capabilities that can enhance efficiency and unlock new possibilities. Here are five functional ways to incorporate AI in your freelance graphic design work:

  1. Automated Design Generation: AI-powered design tools, such as Midjourney, can generate designs automatically based on user inputs and criteria. This saves time and provides designers with a starting point or inspiration for their creative process. It is also helpful in generating quick concepts and narrowing down options, alternatives, and ideas more efficiently based on a client’s vision.
  2. Image Editing and Manipulation: AI-driven image editing tools can automatically enhance and retouch images, adjust colors and lighting, remove imperfections, and even generate realistic photo manipulations. This allows designers to achieve professional-quality results more efficiently. The use of this tool within Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop have been helpful in filling in areas of images that need heavy editing without the use of the clone tool, removing objects or persons without the time sink, or even applying generative lighting and effects to enhance an otherwise unusable low-light digital image.
  3. Typography and Font Generation: AI algorithms can analyze and understand different typography styles, allowing designers to generate custom fonts or suggest appropriate font pairings. It is especially helpful in font identification. This helps in creating visually appealing and cohesive designs, enabling a faster and better process to keep client work on-brand when a brand standard is not available.
  4. Data Visualization: AI-powered tools can process and visualize complex data sets into easily understandable and visually engaging infographics or charts. This enables designers to communicate data-driven insights more effectively.
  5. Design Feedback and Critique: AI algorithms can provide automated feedback and critique on design elements, layouts, color choices, and composition. This enables designers to receive valuable insights and refine their work throughout the design process.

By incorporating AI into their workflow, freelance graphic designers can unlock their creative potential, streamline their processes, and deliver exceptional design solutions. Embracing AI as a powerful tool allows them to stay competitive, innovative, and at the forefront of the graphic design industry.