Gain an Audience for Your Content

You work hard to create compelling content but your analytics show that your site traffic isn’t delivering on your expectations. You aren’t alone.

Few sites attract visitors without a visibility strategy. You need to promote your content to attract an audience. Here’s how.

Share Your Content on Social Media

Distribute site content across your social networks. Share to as many networks as are relevant to your target audience. A tool like Hootsuite can make it easy to post to all of your networks from one interface.

Get Others to Share

Build a community of people who are interested in your content. Share their content and ask for the same. These individuals might be in your professional industry, or appeal to an audience similar to your own.

Look for relevant content aggregators. There are sites that gather content on just about any topic. Determine which content aggregators are most relevant to your niche and familiarize yourself with the types of content they share. Follow the guidelines to get included.

You can also ask journalists and publications to distribute your content. Some publications accept submissions from guest bloggers. Others will consider your content as source material for a story they will write. Always look for the guidelines to determine how your content best fits with each publication site.

Allow People to Subscribe

When someone lands on your content, make sure they can sign up to get more. People are busy and content that gets delivered to them is more likely to be followed.