Get Ready for Voice Search

SEO best practices have focused on text-based searches. Voice searches are different and require a different strategy. You need to know where voice assistants get their answers and ensure that searches related to your business find you.

Voice SEO

Voice searches are usually in the form of a question. The results provided can come from web pages that feature conversationally written content. You need to know the common questions that relate to your brand and content, and make sure they are clearly answered at your website.

Stick with SEO Basics

Although SEO will evolve as voice searches increase, the best practices for getting your content to be highly visible in search results are likely to remain the same. Continue your SEO best practices.

  • Research current keywords
  • Update content regularly
  • Provide content that reflects the interests and needs of your target audience
  • Structure your website content for search crawler reading

Like most online marketing strategies, SEO will evolve. Brands that take time to make incremental changes to keep pace will avoid being left behind.