Graphic Design Trends

Graphic Design Trends

Design experts say 2021 is the year that people will look to graphic design for new and different –– but also reassuring and less overwhelming ––  experiences. Here are some new ideas to consider.

Organic and Natural Colors

Organic and natural shades are on trend. Oranges and teals are replacing drab neutrals to evoke warmth and comfort. Overall, colors are reflecting a tone of calm. Also trending is the use of grains and gradients. These techniques are used to create depth and dimension.

Socially-Conscious Design

Social unrest and movements for anti-racism have captured national attention, and people expect brands and businesses to take notice and evaluate where they stand. Key trends include:

  • sustainability through natural iconography, neutral color palettes, and eco-conscious materials
  • diverse voices and perspectives
  • affirming various identities and imperfections

Mix of Natural and Manufactured

We are eager to reconnect with the  environment. Design that reflects the juxtaposition of the natural and the manufactured, earth and metal, organic and inanimate are gaining popularity.

Symbols Gain Importance

Carefully chosen and constructed symbols are finding their way into more designs to create identity. Emoji’s have demonstrated the power of communicating with simple images, and design is taking note.