SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Hey You! I’m Talking to You

Email marketing is a valuable marketing tool, with open and engagement rates that outstrip all social media channels. (Yes, even Facebook!) To get results, you have to format and compose emails that draw readers in.

Write Subjects that Grab Attention

It all starts with a great subject line and teaser text. That will be visible in inboxes and will be the deciding factor to read on or not.

Spend time carefully crafting the subject lines of your marketing emails. It will be the first thing your readers see. If the subject line isn’t interesting or engaging, they might decide that the email isn’t worth reading and click away before they get to your message.

The same is true for the first few lines of an email or text that you enter to appear in the email preview. If its boring or uninteresting, recipients will move it to trash without ever opening it.

Write the Headline Last 

Write your message and then write your subject and teaser text. Pull your best takeaway and highlight it.

Here are a few tips for writing great subject lines:

  • Keep it short — fewer than 50 characters is ideal
  • Speak to the reader
  • Use action verbs to entice clicks
  • Make it clear (and interesting) what’s inside the email

Make It Relevant

Your subject should make clear the relevancy for your reader. Make it clear to them from the first line why they should take the time to read your email.

Get to the point within the first few sentences. Make the subject interesting and engaging to draw readers to read the body of the email.