LinkedIn for business

Highlight Your Services on LinkedIn

LinkedIn changes all the time, adding (and sometimes removing) options. It is important to check your profile and business page regularly to make sure you are leveraging the latest options. One to look at now is the ability to add services to your profile.

You can add the services you provide on your profile, and be found for the same in search results.

LinkedIn services

You can add services to appear near the top of your profile. LinkedIn has also added this as a search option, meaning that when people go seeking people who offer specific services, they are able to filter their results based on this section.

To add services from your LinkedIn profile page:

  • Visit your profile page from your mobile app or desktop. You’ll see a box under your profile photo/headline to showcase the services you provide.
  • Click “Add Services,” and then select the services you provide.
  • Click “continue” and this will automatically be added to your profile.

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