website best practices

How to Create a Website Users Will Love

There’s a lot that goes into building a good website. It takes more than picking a design and adding content. You need to focus on who you want to reach and what you want to accomplish to get it right.

Want to create a website users will love? Consider these elements.

Set a Goal that Focuses on User Needs

Why should anyone come to your site and do business with you? You need to have a goal for your website and you need to understand your audience.

Know your audience. Uncover everything about them.

Your website content has to align with what people want and need. Understand all the different ways of how people can end up on your pages and tailor your content to answer their questions.

Get the Tech Right

Most people find website content via search engines, so showing up there is important to your success. Your website needs to be easily crawlable by search engines and follow technical requirements. Using a well-regarded content management system like WordPress and a reputable site host will ensure your site meets most technical requirements.

You need to have your security in order. A hacked site isn’t getting you anywhere! And a hacked site is easier to prevent than it is to fix. Use up-to-date software, have your SSL in place, and use strong passwords.

Provide a Visually Interesting Site

The design of your website needs to help fulfill the goals you set. Your message should come across loud and clear. The design should be on-brand and well thought out. But more importantly, your site should be clear and easy to use for everyone.

Take time to set up a great experience for site visitors so they will enjoy the experience and come back. Fast page loads, readable text, pleasing colors and ease of use on all screen sizes are all important factors.

Offer Content that Users Want

Create a website your audience will love by being centered on their needs, not company-centered. Good content helps your users get the information, products and services they need. Your content should be clear and easy to understand by using the language of your customer and presenting things in ways they understand. Leave out the corporate speak and don’t structure things according to your internal organization.