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How to Create Content that Gets Seen Online

The advice is pretty straightforward: to have good visibility online you need to share quality content. Good content helps you get more visitors, higher conversions, and lower bounce rates.

What does “quality content” really mean? Here’s a look at what people and search engines are looking for. By focusing on the right things, you can create high ranking quality content that your users will happily read.

Your Users Determine Quality Content

Every user knows what they want. Content that meets that need gets clicked and read and becomes quality content. There are a few steps you can take to make sure you end up with well thought-out, readable, and helpful content.

There are a few tried and true rules to follow that help increase the chances that the content you published is valuable to users.

How to Create Quality Content

Write for Your Readers

Understand what your users actually want to read about. Their interests may not align with what you think is most important, but their interests are what motivate them to seek out content. If you are talking about what they care about, your content rises to the top.

Think about your users:

  • What interests do they have?
  • What events or news do they follow that you can relate to your business?
  • What problems are they trying to fix?

Do keyword research to confirm the words they are using and questions they are asking that are relevant to you and your business.

The first step in creating quality content is to make sure that it contains the information your audience is looking for.

Make Your Content Interesting

Some writing is boring. Some images don’t tell a story. These will not create quality content.

Make your content interesting and easy to read. Interesting does not mean writing like a novel, where all the answers come at the end. You need to show your value in the first sentence or two.

Think about the structure of your text and the words you use. Include subheads and short paragraphs to help people find what they want.Use the words your users know and understand. Keep sentences short to avoid confusion.

Be sure to be personable in your writing. This helps you write quality content that’s different from your competitors. Your voice also helps users get to know you and your brand.

Carry all of these tips into any images or videos you create. Make sure they are immediately interesting and visually attractive.

Match Content to How People Search

Think about how someone would search for the content you are creating. Make sure your content is immediately connected to their interests. Trying to “game” the search results to get them to content that doesn’t match their interests will not get you the clicks that define quality content.

Let’s start with the basics. What does search intent mean? Search intent is the reason why someone conducts a specific search. It’s the term used to describe their purpose. For example, do they have a question they need answered? Or do they want to buy something online? Someone’s search intent makes a difference in how they consider the quality of your content. If it fits their need at that moment, then they will stay on your page longer. But if they need an answer to a question and the page they land on only tries to sell them products, they’ll be gone before you know it.

Consider the search intent your users might have. Use that to determine the focus of your content and what call-to-actions you want to add to a specific page or post. Produce user-centered content based on real needs.

Build Relationships

When people land on your page, it’s also important to build trust. If they are looking for something and you lead them to it, then you have started a positive relationship. If your content doesn’t meet their needs – or worse, seems to be trying to trick them in some way – they will likely not give you a second chance.

You have to show your audience that you are worth their time.

  • Write in a clear and user-oriented way
  • Use genuine photos that are authentic and personal
  • Include ratings, testimonials and true user stories

Keep Content Fresh

Another key element to quality content is keeping it up to date and relevant. Make sure users find current and accurate information. Delete outdated content.

Keeping your website and blog posts up to date is also important for search engines.