Be consistent online

Importance of Being Consistent Online

A fundamental element of online marketing is consistency. You need to be painstakingly completely consistent so that there is only one you online – one brand, one identity, one message.

Inconsistency creates confusion. When people see information that is similar but not the same, it creates a question in their mind. Is that the same thing? Is it different. Questions lead to confusion, which is not what you need.

Inconsistent information also hinders your search engine optimization. When crawlers find different information, it dilutes the understanding of your presence. This can lead to duplicate listings and worse, reduced search rank.

Name, Address and Phone

A critical aspect of online consistency is your NAP – name, address and phone. Use the same NAP everywhere! Variations of your business name, can confuse people and search engines to think each is a different business. Ditto for addresses.


Be consistent with the representations of your brand as well. Use the same logo everywhere. If you revise it, go back and revise it everywhere. Don’t lead a trail of differing logos that muddy your brand identity.

Define your color palette and stick to it. Decide on a style of imagery. Use the same fonts and the same tone.


Know your marketing message and stick to it. Whether you are doing an elevator speech at a networking event, creating a page for your website, or posting on social media, your messaging must be clear and consistent.

  • Focus on your value proposition
  • Use your keywords
  • Maintain a consistent tone

Consistency Creates Understanding

Being consistent with your brand fundamentals will help you gain traction online. Each time people (and search crawlers) encounter your information will build brand awareness and understanding.