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Insight into Gen Z Every Marketer Needs to Know

Consumers age 18-22 or Gen Z do not trust businesses to act in the best interests of society, according to “The Reckoning: Brand Relevance, Respect and the Rise of a New Generation,” a study by BBMG.

BBMG and GlobeScan conducted a national survey of 2,058 consumers to better understand people’s relationship with brands and brand trust, leadership, loyalty, participation and evangelism.

Key Study Findings

  • By a margin of five to one, Gen Z does not trust businesses to act in the best interests of society
  • 47% think brands should speak out on issues
  • 37% trust large companies where employees reflect a culture of being empowered to have a positive impact
  • 28% care about equality – social, racial, women’s rights, LBGTQ rights
  • 32% of Gen-Zers hope to make a difference by doing meaningful work in their careers

Five Strategies for Marketers

One outcome was defining five strategies for brands to be seen as authentic to you consumers.

Companies have to be careful as they market to GenZ. They are quick to spot insincerity and will not tolerate untargeted efforts to get their attention.

Be Brave

Brands should take a stand and give voice to their values. Gen Z isn’t afraid to take a stand on the issues that matter and they expect the same from brands.

Hold Space

Gen Z values opportunities for their voices to be shared, heard, expressed and validated. Successful brands will create space for the authentic expression of their experiences and creating platforms that amplify their voices and drive impact.

Welcome All

Gen Z is driven by a powerful desire for fairness and equity. They are the most diverse generation in our nation’s history. They want a world that welcomes all people no matter their race, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Fuel Passion

Gen Z has an entirely new perspective on wealth, well-being and the workforce and they’re seeking brands and communities to help them challenge the status quo.

Own It

Authenticity matters. Gen Z is ready to champion brands that show bravery on the issues that matter. They are also the first to call out brands that promote a commitment to doing good while staying silent about the negative impacts that make their success possible.