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Instagram Ideas for Your Brand

Instagram offers a lot of features. If you haven’t looked to see what’s new there in a while, here are some things to consider for your marketing approach on Instagram.

Instagram Stories

It is estimated that just half of businesses on Instagram use stories. Those that do, get great results. One-third of the most viewed stories are posted by businesses.

Instagram Stories disappear after just 24 hours. Followers expect them to be more real and raw than your curated Instagram feed. They provide a great opportunity to connect with followers and build relationships.

You can create highlight albums in your profile to preserve your top Stories content, so it doesn’t disappear after 24 hours. Your highlight albums appear right under your bio, and you can create custom covers for each.

Instagram Shopping

Business accounts get access to Instagram Shopping. This feature, which is not available for personal accounts, allows you to sell products directly from Instagram posts and stories.

Influencer Partnerships

Working with an influencer can help to build your credibility while exposing your brand to a new audience. Invite an influencer to take over your Instagram account for a set period of time, like a weekend, or for a special event.

Instagram Ads

The surest way to get your content in front of a new audience is to run an Instagram ad. You can advertise in the Instagram feed or in stories. You can target your ads based on:

  • Location: State, province, city, country
  • Demographics: Age, gender, and language
  • Interests, such as other accounts people follow and apps they use
  • Behaviors, both on and off Instagram

Instagram Insights

You may get a sense of what works for you on Instagram, but there’s nothing like data to prove out your hunches. The best way to improve your results is to learn from what you’ve already done. Study the information available in Instagram Insights and adjust based on what the data tells you.

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