not showing up on Google

Is Google Ignoring You?

Every day there are more than 8.5 billion searches on Google. If you are not showing up on Google, you are missing a lot of opportunities to be found. You cannot afford to be ignored.

The problem can be more serious than amping up your website and online presence. Google can be actively NOT including you for any number of offenses.

Every business needs to pay attention to Google’s search console and webmaster tools. Here you will find any issues that are preventing Google from ranking your content. Some are more technical than others, but awareness is the first and most important step.

Some things that Google does not like:

  • Automatically generated content
  • Link farms that aren’t relevant to your content
  • Redirects or links to poor quality websites
  • Content that is copied from other sites
  • Duplicate content within a website
  • Unmoderated comments that let spammers and bots post irrelevant content and links

There are more ways to get flagged for bad behavior by Google. Be sure that part of your marketing plan is to periodically check in to make sure you don’t have any issues that are getting in the way of your visibility in search.