Is your website contact page killing your leads?

Is your contact page killing your leads?

The whole purpose of a website contact page is to let people connect with you, right? That concept could be going horribly wrong if your contact page is not accurate, structured well and technically sound.

First, a little story. I need something for my business. I asked for a local recommendation. Then, I went to the website and selected the contact page. So far, so good.

Two problems: first, there was no option other than to complete a contact form. I preferred to make a call. No go. Problem two, the contact form didn’t work. I found that out several days later when I dug up a phone number from Google and called.

Talk about turning a hot prospect into a dead lead. Your contact page needs to work for you, not against you!

Check Your Contact Form

When was the last time you checked the form on your contact page?

  • Do all the fields allow for the proper inputs?
  • Does the user get a confirmation letting them know the form has been submitted and when they can expect to hear from you?
  • Do the form results get emailed to you for immediate action?

When someone takes the time to submit your contact form, you need to get the information. Every time. No exceptions.

Offer Contact Options

Some people don’t like to complete forms. It can be hard to do, especially on mobile devices. Don’t make that a barrier. Offer alternate ways to connect. Include your email, phone and/or social media accounts on your contact page. List only options that you monitor and are prepared to respond to.

Make the Page a Complete Experience

The contact page might be the first and only page someone visits at your site. Make sure that your page reinforces what you do and who you help. If you are a local business, make your service area clear. Include your address.

Add content that highlights your value, such as testimonials, awards, certifications and client logos.

Be Thankful for Their Interest

The contact page should reflect your appreciation for interest in you and your company. Include a note of appreciation for connecting with you in whichever way the user chooses.