Jill Kurtz and Keeper are a certified therapy dog team through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. They are available for 1-1 and group visits with people of all ages.

Keeper is a 2 year old Flat Coated Retriever. At just 8 weeks, he showed a remarkable ability to interact meaningfully with people. His puppy kindergarten teacher declared that he would make an excellent therapy dog and so the journey began!

Jill Kurtz has owned and trained dogs for more than 30 years. Her previous therapy dogs, Halley and Orion, visited a rehabilitation center for many years. There they witnessed the power of the human-dog bond: non-verbal people who shared meaningful conversations, people whose pain was soothed by petting, and more than a few laughs as balls were tossed and retrieved.

Keeper enjoys listening to kids read, being petted, retrieving just about any object, and doing whatever it takes to make people happy. He’s also been known to share his wizarding skills as a “Griffindog.”

To ensure safety, Jill wears a mask and uses hand sanitizer and Keeper is wiped down after all interactions. We also comply with all protocols of the facilities we visit.

Contact: Jill Kurtz, jillakurtz@gmail.com, 703-283-5813