Link Building for SEO

Links Increase Your Online Visibility

Links are an important factor in your online visibility. Whether people use search or websites to find information, links in the right places help them find you.

You can have the best content, but if search engines can’t follow at least one link to it, it won’t often be found. Likewise, if you are tops in your field, but you aren’t found in any directories related to that field, people won’t find you.

Simply put, a link, or a hyperlink, is a connection between two pages on the internet. With a link, you can refer people to a page, post, image or another online object. Links let web users easily move from one web location to another.

Links serve search engines too. Search engine robots follow links to discover pages on the internet. This is called crawling.

Link building refers to efforts to get links from other websites to your website. It is one of the most powerful ways to help people find your content!

When you use a link to your content or post on social media, you are link building. When you add a link to your content from a professional directory, you are link building. When you ask a related site to link to your site, you are link building.

Link Building Best Practices

Links aren’t all equal. Some links are worth more than others. A link from an authoritative website, preferably topically related to yours, is worth more than a random link from a small website nobody knows.

Effective link building takes research and time.

  • First, create high quality content that is link-worthy
  • Next, research where your content makes sense for a link
    • Within your site
    • From social media and other sites where you can directly post
    • From other sites that you do not control
  • Have a strategy for posting links to your content from your social media, and other platforms, that you can access and post to directly
  • Gather contact information for websites that you would like to ask to add a link – send a message with specific information on where you think a link to your content would fit

People will only link from their website to yours if it’s in their audience’s (or their own) interest. Convincing them to link will only happen if your product or content is worthy.