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Market Your Business from Home

We’re all figuring out new ways to get our work done, including our business marketing. This is no time to stop getting your brand message out there. Here are some tips for how to pivot and achieve your marketing goals without ever leaving your home!

First, stay on top of the latest guidance and news.

Your efforts need to be in sync with current events. Asking people to “stop by” when there is a stay at home order or marketing group events would fall flat and make you seem out of touch.

Make sure your messaging reflects an understanding of the current circumstances of your target audience. That varies widely now, from people heavily impacted by loss of income to people who need products and services delivered in different ways. No group photo will seem in touch right about now.

As always, you need to know your target audience and what matters to them. Your marketing needs to address their needs as well as factor in the latest information related to the pandemic.

Create creative space and time.

I have worked from home for many years. I have found that it is easier for some people than others. Here are tips I can offer for creating the time and space to market your business from home, as well as your other work.

  • Define work time and space. You can’t focus unless you do.
  • If there are other people in your house, let them in on the plan. Your kids and spouse want you to be happy, so just tell them how they can support you.
  • Set aside time for active work as well as research and planning. Getting tasks done is usually top priority, but you also need time to learn new things. Build that into your work plan.
  • Connect with resources. Use online meeting tools or pick up the phone. Working from home does not need to mean working alone.

Kerry Thomas recently offered more work from home advice here. NPR also offers more tips on how to work from home effectively.

Use new ways to meet your business marketing goals.

Getting people into your store isn’t going to work right now. Neither will visiting their offices in most cases. What can you offer curbside? Do Virtually? Now is the time to think of new ways to offer your products and services.

You need to market in new ways too. The good news is that there are many online tools, many are even free. Find the “right” tools to use based on your target audience. Your established email list may be the ideal or tapping into a community like a focused Facebook group or Quora topic. Figure out where you can reach your target and be there!

Online posts and email may feel instantaneous, but you still need to build in lead time. For example, you can’t announce your takeout sandwich special at 11 and expect orders to pour in. You probably want to announce it the day before to give everyone time to see your message.

This can be a great time to try new ways to market your business. Who knows, your new methods learned as you market your business from home may prove effective even without a pandemic!


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