Generation Z Shopping Behaviors

Meet the Gen Z Shopper

DealAid recently released the “Generation Z Shopping Report” to summarize data collected from 1130 Gen Z consumers in the US.

Generation Z is an age group born between 1995 and 2010. Their spending power is pegged at over $140 billion annually. Further, they influence up to $600 billion in spending by others.

Marketers need to understand the preferences of this up and coming consumer group now to gain their business and their loyalty.

Key Gen Z Shopping Behaviors

  • 87.6% of Gen Z consumers do more shopping online than in-store
  • Amazon Shopping & Walmart Shopping are two most popular shopping apps among Gen Z
  • 60.2% of Gen Z consumers prefer to receive discounts and coupons via email while 49.9% and 37.2% prefer to receive deals via social media and in-app respectively

See all the findings in the Generation Z Shopping Report.