podcasts for brands and small businesses

Podcasts Are Having a Moment

When the pandemic hit, I worried about the viability of podcasts. I thought they were primarily the choice of commuters looking for entertainment.  I was wrong.

Podcasts survived and thrived, and are now among the fastest-growing content platforms. Podcasts presented by businesses as well as individual subject matter experts offer an opportunity to connect with people beyond email, websites, or social media.

Podcasts for Brands

Podcasts presented by brands – or branded podcasts – are a proven and effective way to achieve more brand awareness and grow your audience. These podcasts typically discuss industry topics and insights as well as the brand, products, or services.

As with any marketing tactic, set your brand up for success on this platform with a plan.

Know Your Goal

Business podcasts usually exist to create a positive impression of that business. You might want your podcast to work as a tool to get feedback, or you could use it to become a thought leader in your industry. Take time to define what role the podcast needs to play in your marketing mix.

Understand Your Audience

Who should listen? Outline everything you know about the person you want to reach, including age, occupation, gender, location, job, interests, etc. You need to understand your listener so you can create podcasts that interest them!

Define the Podcast

Podcasts are more than audio files. Every podcast should have a visual identity and tone. Create a logo. Write a description that will draw listeners. Decide on the tone and approach to each episode write-up. Make sure your decisions are all congruent with your overall brand identity and marketing messaging.

The Benefits of a Branded Podcast

The conversational and intimate way the content is conveyed in a podcast can create an optimum environment for engagement and brand awareness. As you work to create your podcast, tap into these benefits:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Create personal connections
  • Reach new people
  • Affiliate your brand with industry leaders as guests
  • Generate material that can be repurposed in other marketing efforts