Common SEO mistakes to avoid

Doula Jenn had an attractive website with terrific images but no search engine optimization (SEO). The site was completely invisible to search engines. In fact, it was given a visibility rating of less than 1%!

Setting the Website Up for SEO

The site used a content management platform and host that was not well-suited for SEO. So, the effort began by moving the website to a reputable host and the WordPress platform.

The next task was to build SEO strategies into the website.

Finding the Right Keywords

KDS created a list of keywords, search terms, and phrases commonly used by customers and validated the best keywords for the client. This included research using keyword tools and reviewing competitor websites and the client website.

Optimizing Pages for SEO

KDS structured key pages at the website to optimize for SEO. This included changes to the visible text as well as key tags read by search crawlers.

Leveraging Google Tools

Google tools were used to look for issues and opportunities to improve the website SEO. The website is now clear of any warnings and is properly indexed at Google.

Today, Doula Jenn has an attractive website that search engines are finding! More potential customers are finding this business from searches.