ACC audit and strategy

Kurtz Digital Strategy conducted an audit of member communication efforts for the Airport Consultants Council (ACC). The goal was to assess current activities and develop a strategy based on the organization’s goals, member needs and current best practices.

The Airport Consultants Council (ACC) is the global trade association that represents private businesses involved in the development and operations of airports and related facilities. ACC informs its members of new trends while promoting fair competition and procurement practices that protect the industry’s bottom line.

The assessment reviewed the organization’s major communication components:

  • Social media
  • Public Relations
  • Newsletter emails
  • Promotional emails
  • Website

Discovery and Research

KDS researched the client’s current online communication efforts and email marketing program. The goal was to gather the information needed to develop an insightful, targeted online marketing strategy.

Key stakeholders, including internal staff and members, were interviewed. Also assessed were:

  • Business goals and plans
  • Current email marketing plans and/or communication plans
  • Data from current email and other online marketing activities
  • Resources—human, financial, and other—available to apply to email marketing efforts

Digital Marketing Strategy

KDS turned the insights gained during the discovery phase into an actionable plan that targets ACC goals and member needs. The strategy defines the goals as well as the specific tactics to move toward them. It defines the timeline for each activity and the resources needed. Finally, the document outlines the measures of success that will enable ongoing evaluation and adjustment of the effort.

ACC Impact

The strategy enabled ACC to continue to organize for the most effective member service and marketing. A staff role was defined to execute and coordinate efforts. Even during a time of significant economic downturn in the industry, membership has remained strong. Members value ACC as an essential part of their business success.