Bean-b-Clean Marketing

Imagine wanting to help your grandbabies get over cradle cap and creating a product that is unique in the market. That’s the origin of the Bean-b-Clean. Now imagine having to compete with big name baby product suppliers to get your product on shelves worldwide. Exciting and daunting!

Kurtz Digital Strategy provides marketing strategy and implementation so Bean-b-Clean’s owners can focus on global supply chain issues and other business issues. Although it is a consumer product, the marketing targets wholesalers and retailers.

Establishing Online Credibility

Why pick Bean-b-Clean among all the cradle cap brushes out there, many from large companies? Our focus is on sharing differentiators and the value of this particular brush. More than direct selling, we share updates and success stories as well as information about how to market to today’s parents.

Marketing work started with the company website. The messaging was updated to speak to the needs of baby product wholesalers and retailers. Keyword research identified the topics of greatest interest, and valuable content was added. The site was optimized for SEO to improve visibility.

The company blog and LinkedIn presence is used to establish credibility. Customers know they are buying from a company with great service as well as a great product.

Staying Connected with Email

KDS also built an email marketing program for Bean-b-Clean. Current and past customers and new prospects get regular, useful updates to help them with their businesses. An editorial calendar ensures timely and valuable messages.

With above average open rates, these emails clearly provide value while keeping the product top of mind.

Measurable Success

With renewed marketing energy, Bean-b-Clean sales have increased. Past customers have returned. Even during tough times for retailers, reorders are strong. And, new prospects discovered online have become connections and customers.