I have maintained the Burke Presbyterian Church website for years, adding sermons, events, payment buttons, and much more. From the user perspective, the website grew with the church, always offering the most up-to-date information.
The website is the primary means of connecting the church to its community and potential members. It is critical to continued outreach.

With badly outdated software, the effort to maintain the site became somewhat nerve-wracking. Would the site break one day and not be fixable? Would it be hacked? Would new visitors who tried to access it on mobile simply give up? I started to lose sleep.

I worked with the church leadership and communications committee to develop a plan. We migrated the site to WordPress. We used a pre-built church theme. We kept the same content and navigation to expedite the process.

This cost-effective project was completed in just 60 days. The refreshed look and feel makes the site look new to visitors. The continuation of content and services offered means that no one misses anything they had become accustomed to.

Now that the technology is updated and the online connection with congregation and community is assured, I am even starting to sleep well again!