Denise Dorfman

Kurtz Digital Strategy recently refreshed the presentation and messaging for the website. The new site features an enhanced design and follows best practices for online visibility. It speaks to the needs of the target customers.
Originally designed to showcase Denise Dorfman as an author and speaker, the website did not present the current breath of the business. As the home base of the business online, the website needed to speak directly to target customers. It needs to showcase services offered and present compelling messaging.

An Assessment Identified Opportunities

Kurtz Digital Strategy started with an assessment of the site. We identified opportunities to advance business goals, market current offerings, and speak to the needs of stakeholders.

Website Infrastructure Addressed

The website was migrated to the proven, standards compliant Enfold WordPress framework. This was redeveloped in a manner that is easy to update. The site is mobile friendly and works in the latest supported browsers.

Design Enhancements

KDS  recommended and implemented specific design enhancements.  This included:

    • Adding more elements, warm colors and imagery that visually tell the story of energy healing
    • Making text formatting clear and consistent
    • Updating  the footer to  include key information

The business logo was also refined and formatted for use across all digital platforms.

Messaging Updated

KDS worked with the client to define the master messaging that properly positions the business. It accounts for the brand, services, target customer, and  keywords. Website content was updated based on the master messaging. Content was structured to be easy to read and scannable by search engine crawlers.

Immediate Results

The client saw immediate results upon launch of the refined website. Awareness and interest increased. The website now is a worthy reflect of the business and its benefits.