When is a new website not a great thing? When it leads to an overall decline in your visibility online. This sounds impossible – new is always better, right? This is reality if your website is not developed with and online strategy and search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.

Dulles South Chantilly Automotive found that its new website led to a notable decline in search engine rankings for important searches. Some investigation revealed that the site was not optimized for SEO.

With a strategic approach to SEO, Kurtz Digital strategy (KDS) was able to make notable improvements in search rankings and overall visibility. Leads are being generated from all over Northern Virginia.

Plan with Insight
KDS gathered and analyzed available information about the website and company marketing and business plans. This information was used to create a plan to improve search rankings.
With the goal and target customer in mind, KDS developed a list of focus keywords that were used for the project.

Master Message
KDS developed messaging that properly positions the business. It accounts for the brand, services, target customer, and keywords.

Structure Pages for SEO
Target website pages were structured SEO. KDS incorporated on page and off-page tactics to ensure that the content was indexed and ranked well by Google and other search engines.

Google webmaster tools were used to look for any issues and opportunities to improve website ranking.