Engaged CTC was a brand-new consultancy when principal Wendy Anson approached Kurtz Digital Strategy (KDS) to establish an online presence and marketing approach. We translated her passion for maximizing potential and improving outcomes for her clients into a marketing approach that positioned the company to grow.

Establish an Online Presence

We helped Engaged CTC build a strong online presence that engages with a specific target customer. The approach was developed after research into the business, its competitors and the target client.
Each location needed effective messaging and engagement. The company’s presence was created to be consistent across platforms, including branding, imagery, and messaging. Equally important was incorporating best practices in search engine optimization, which really are the best practices for optimization of online visibility.

Define the Marketing Message

KDS defined the master messaging that properly positions the business. This message accounts for the brand, services, target customer, and keywords. The master message is used everywhere engaged CTC is online to ensure consistency of the brand.

Develop a Foundational Website

The foundation for a great online presence is a website. This is the online location where the business has complete control over look and feel, messaging, and engagement. It is the place to drive anyone who is interested in learning more about Engaged CTC online.
Website projects are always more complicated than it seems on the surface and often one of the larger financial investments for a business. KDS prides ourselves on asking the right questions and providing the best recommendations to get the result that will enable the business to succeed.
Our approach is to help clients look at website development in a manner that advances business goals, marketing strategy, and the needs of stakeholders. The Engaged CTC website has already proven capable of growing with the business.