Kingsman LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Kingsman Technology Solutions is a young company looking to acquire more customers and more arrangements with prime contractors for government contracting. One need identified was the need for a LinkedIn marketing strategy for both the owner and the business. The biggest challenge – the owner did not like using LinkedIn!

Kurtz Digital Strategy developed a LinkedIn marketing strategy that accounted for business growth goals and target clients. The strategy :

  • Identified the current status and defined goals
  • Defined the brand, desired positioning and industry
  • Provided keywords and messaging points
  • Addressed concerns with the platform

A step-by-step guide was provided to build out the LinkedIn profile for the owner and a page for the company. Once approved, the changes were implemented for Kingsman.

A content strategy outlined what to post and how often. Tips were provided for maximizing reach and engagement on LinkedIn.

The initial results were impressive. The owner discovered how to use LinkedIn effectively. He became more visible on the platform. Meaningful connections led to business opportunities.

Kurtz Digital Strategy continues to support the LinkedIn presence for Kingsman, ensuring that it grows properly as the company grows.