The classic debate about the chicken or the egg coming first has a cousin in the online world. What comes first – the business or the business website? This is especially challenging for professional service providers, who need to establish credibility with potential clients.
Dr. Marie Gould Harper, had a blog and wanted to evolve her web presence to reflect her 1-on-1 coaching, team coaching, and webinar services. With a new theme and some updated content, Kurtz Digital Strategy transformed her blog into a business website.
Website Assessment
Kurtz Digital Strategy started by taking an inventory of what was in place and what was needed. By evaluating what was in place and asking a series of questions to determine the presence that Marie wanted to establish, a website outline was that targeted the Metiers business and key messages.
Several WordPress themes were evaluated and one was chosen that would be the best design for business. Each WordPress setting and option was reviewed to pick the best options for the consulting website.
Respecting the Budget
Free hosting was used to keep the cost of the site at a minimum as the business gets established and grows. This solution allows for easy upgrades to enhanced, paid hosting, but keeps costs low for now.
As work progressed, KDS presented the clients with options and the impact on time and cost, so that the budget was maintained throughout.
Structured for Growth
The website reflects the current offerings of the business but is also structured to grow along with the business. Business goals were accommodated in the site structure so that as Metiers of Marie Gould Harper grows, the web presence can reflect that change.