Kurtz Digital Strategy provides strategic project management services to Pongos Interactive. The Pongos team creates quality WordPress themes, plugins, and integrations for non-profits, associations, and businesses of all sizes. Projects also include mobile apps, games, and interactive elements for web, desktop, and devices.
The most important work that goes into building a successful website project starts long before the first coding begins. As project manager, KDS ensures that all the right questions have been asked and all the right pieces are in place so that the Pongos team can develop optimal solutions for each client’s needs.
Developing a plan that defines what you want to accomplish (your goals), who you want to reach (your audience), and the specific effective strategies that will get you there will ensure a project that is on course to success. This includes fleshing out technical requirements, content and message, information architecture and navigation, and design and imagery.
As each project progresses, KDS manages the process:

  • Work with all stakeholders to get inputs
  • Develop requirements and working documents
  • Manage the quality assurance process
  • Get inputs and approvals

Pongos enjoys several long-term client relationships. The strategic project management services provided by KDS ensures continued high quality work and customer satisfaction.