Sometimes you just need a road map to follow. Whether is for your website, social media, public relations campaign, or digital marketing, every effort is more effective with a plan. Kurtz Digital Strategy specializes in developing customized plans.
Red Thinking needed a road map to follow for is web development efforts for clients. The company has a terrific team with all the skills needed. They just needed a process to weave everything together to get the best results for clients every time.
Understanding the Strategy Behind the Work
KDS started with research. What is the current workflow? What steps are critical for each team member to do their best work? What needs to be delivered to each client? These and other questions helped to provide the rich background to shape the right plan.
Structuring for the Right Results
Great results come from more than completing individual tasks. The best product comes from a strategic plan. The website development processes developed for Red Thinking built in the company’s philosophy and strategic approach to website development. Now they have a smooth a consistent workflow to get them from start to finish and ensure quality results.
KDS also developed related templates to use to support each stage of the process. Now the team – and clients – get consistent work products and documentation.