Professional service providers like retirement planners have a lot of online competition. To rise above the clutter, the online presence needs to be focused, consistent, and complete.

Kurtz Digital Strategy did a complete online presence assessment for Retirement Planning Guru, an independent retirement planning service. The assessment covered all the places the company is found online. It identifed opportunities for improved outreach to target customers.

A customized strategy was developed that targets the business goal and opportunities to reach target clients. It carefully leverages available resources to ensure success.

Messaging across all platforms now focuses on the needs and interests of the target client. The reasons to choose Retirement Planning Guru are clear.

The website was updated to provide information and to better serve mobile visitors. Visitors can now reach out for more information with just a click.

All social media profiles and online directory listings are updated to be accurate and informative. This includes Facebook, Google My Business, professional directories, and more.

Ongoing online marketing support was provided to help Retirement Planning Guru to fully implement all opportunities. Activities have included:

  • Refine Google My Business listing
  • Update LinkedIn and improve networking on the platform
  • Add Facebook images and messaging
  • Provide email marketing support
  • Conduct staff training

The effort elevated the business’ profile online. Potential clients now see the company as a resource for their retirement planning needs. Information is clear and consistent, prompting more calls for services.