With a fresh website as the cornerstone of an enhanced online presence, Security Management Resources® (SMR) turned to Kurtz Digital Strategy for a digital strategy that would draw people to the company’s content. The challenge was to expand reach beyond website visitors and create an identity and following on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, international social platforms, and other places where clients and potential clients get information online.
SMR has successfully paired thousands of senior-level security executives and their staff with the world’s leading organizations. SMR consultants work seamlessly across international borders to identify and place candidates who are the perfect fit for their clients’ culture and requirements.
Digital Strategy: Research. Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
The effort began with research into SMR’s business goals and marketing efforts. Phone interviews were conducted with representative clients and customers. Keen attention was paid to the ways that security industry professionals access and consume online content.
A digital strategy was developed that targets SMRs online goals and accommodates the preferences of the target audience. A plan was developed that leverages several social media channels, email strategies, and content marketing.
KDS has been working with SMR to systematically implement the social media strategy and measure impact. Adjustments are made as needed. Careful attention is paid to measurable effects, both online and offline. The effort is already showing positive results for the company’s bottom line.