To some, biosolids are just a lot of smelly waste. To Synagro, they are an important resource that can help create sustainable communities. As part of a website redesign project, the company needed copywriting services that would highlight the opportunities presented by their products and services.

Strategic Copywriting
Kurtz Digital Strategy provided content for each webpage that:

  • Targeted critical keywords
  • Highlighted key brand and marketing messaging
  • Allows for easy online reading

KDS worked with the client to make sure that the website content spoke clearly to target audiences and motivated site visitors to learn more about the innovative solutions offered.

Website Teamwork
KDS worked closely with the website designer and developer to make sure that words and design worked seamlessly together.  The two-way flow of ideas incorporated design ideas into the copy and content ideas into the design. This teamwork allowed Synagro to get the greatest impact from the ideas generated by everyone on the project team.