When you are an independent truck owner-operator, your life is on the road. The tools to manage your business need to be along for the ride with you. That’s the idea behind the Trucklogger app, which helps these independent professionals manage their business from any mobile device.
Digital Strategy
The makers of Trucklogger needed a digital strategy to create awareness in the marketplace. The strategy process started with research: understanding the app, looking at competitors, and reviewing the company business plan.
Components of the strategy included:

  • Updates to the website to establish credibility and earn organic reach
  • Use of Facebook to increase awareness among drivers and engage their interest
  • Creating a presence on LinkedIn to establish credibility of the app and the professionals who created it
  • Earned and paid media opportunities to speak to drivers in places that they are online

Defining the Brand Online
Kurtz Digital Strategy worked with Trucklogger to define the value proposition, tagline, and brand story and message. These elements are the core components of ensuring that the app is properly and consistently positioned online.
Ongoing Online Marketing
With a digital strategy roadmap defined, Trucklogger’s presence online has grown. The number of downloads of the apps have hit quarterly and annual targets. Activities are continually refined based on analysis of available metrics.