One of the greatest challenges for a new business is the need for an online presence, often before there is anything concrete to offer. Author Donald Furrow-Scott faced that challenge – needing to showcase his concept for historical fiction novels before the first book was published.

Kurtz Digital Strategy was engaged to establish a website and a complete online presence for the author and his books.

Search Engine Savvy
The process of establishing an online presence began with foundational work:

  • Deeply defining the target reader
  • Understanding the interests and needs of the publishing industry
  • Keyword research related to the books and the author
  • Crafting a master message that presents the unique value proposition of the Wine’s Anvil

These and other steps taken during the initial phase of the project gave the effort the focus and direction needed to create a consistent and targeted online presence.

A Website Created for Growth and Change
The website was established to create a placeholder for the book series. WordPress was used to ensure that the site is scalable as books are written. WordPress also is easy for the author to administer, making changes easy and cost-efficient.

A Social Media Presence from Day One
When the author published the first book he was able to announce the news on Facebook because a page was already up and running. He was able to tap LinkedIn for the same reason.

Kurtz Digital Strategy created a complete online presence so that the author and his books have a presence at key places where both his readers and the publishing industry can discover them online. Each profile was established with the same images and text, creating consistency of the brand that supports search engine optimization.

More to Come
As more books get published and the author refines his goals and directions, his online presence is there for him. It is poised to be as fluid as the plot lines they support.