When you are competing for customers in a crowded space, how do you stand out? That was the challenge faced by Robert Gordon when he purchased a Cruise Planners franchise. He turned to Kurtz Digital Strategy for a content strategy that would get his name, brand, and expertise in front of potential customers.
Content Strategy to Highlight Expertise
With 25 years of experience in the travel industry and experience visiting more than different 35 countries, Robert is the ideal vacation specialist. KDS developed a custom content marketing solution to help potential customers to find him:

  • Add a blog to the business website
  • Create profiles on blogging sites that cover travel topics
  • Pitch story ideas to travel-related websites and blogs
  • Create social media profiles and connect them to the business website

A content calendar was developed to document opportunities and ideas. The calendar incorporated the results of keyword research around key service offerings.
Social Media Strategy to Broadcast Content
Each time content is published, related posts are made to Facebook and Twitter. This amplifies the reach of every piece of content. It also gives potential customers another way to connect with this expert travel specialist.