Dr. Suzanne Minarcine


Businesses evolve and websites need to keep pace. Dr. Suzanne Minarcine’s blog needed to grow to a professional website that showcases her work as a speaker, author, and trainer.

Website Assessment

Kurtz Digital Strategy started by taking an inventory of what was in place and what was needed. Great blog content, check. Updated bio and photos of Suzanne speaking and training, needed. By evaluating what was in place and asking a series of questions to determine exactly what was needed, an outline emerged for the new website that targeted the brand and key messages.

The WordPress platform was evaluated as the best CMS for the new site. Several themes were evaluated and one was chosen that would be the best design for the new emphasis. Each WordPress setting and option was reviewed to pick the best options for the consulting website.

Website Redesign

A plan was defined that outlined the goals, the audience, and the specific effective strategies to be used. Before the first change was made, this project was on course for success.

With a new theme selected, new content in hand, and a road map of what needed to be implemented, the blog site was revised to be a full website. Pages were added, settings were changed, and a new home page was created that showcases Suzanne’s credentials as a speaker and trainer.

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