Protect your brand on social media

Protect Your Brand on Social Media

Social media is an important way to connect with your audience. Although you can’t – and shouldn’t – be active on every social site you do need to take steps to protect your brand on social media channels.

Make social media registration a priority, even if you don’t plan on being active.

Proactively register your name on top social media channels—like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest—regardless of if you plan on being active in those channels. Establishing an account preserves your name and prevents anyone else from using it.

This approach protects your brand on social media by:

  • Avoiding potential customer confusion if someone else uses your name
  • Allowing you to protect your brand reputation by not having undesirable content posted on a channel that looks like it belongs to you

Be sure to document all the accounts you create and the access credentials. Having an account you can’t access isn’t helpful!

There are tools that can help you with this effort:

Monitor social media for your name and brand.

Keep an eye out for other businesses that may be accidentally or intentionally using your name in social media and elsewhere. Reach out to anyone who you think is creating customer confusion. Most often, this is unintentional and can be avoided with a little awareness.

Consider trademark protection for your brand.

Whether you plan to be active on social media or not, you may want to consider trademarking your business name. Hire a trademark attorney to help you search for available names and file an application. This can set your business up for success in the world of social media and beyond.