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Reap the Benefits When Content Marketing and Public Relations Work Together

Guest Blog Post by Lisa Taylor, Founder & Chief Strategist, Osprey Nest Enterprises LLC

Content marketing is a vital part of any strategic marketing plan. It involves delivering authentic brand messages to engage both existing and potential customers to foster brand affinity. While public relations views content through an editorial lens versus a marketing lens, integrating the PR team into the content planning process has benefits.

Early involvement of your PR team can contribute to brand success in tow key areas:  collaborating on content creation and leveraging media coverage as content.

Collaborating on Content Creation

PR teams need visual content that goes beyond traditional materials like editorial photos and b-roll footage to engage with media. This is true for all types of media, including traditional media, digital media and influencers.

Traditional Media

Traditional media outlets plan stories that can be told on their primary platforms and on their digital and social channels. Providing content in formats that support the story across these various platforms is essential to PR teams’ efforts to secure coverage.

Digital Media & Influencers

With the growth of digital media platforms and the emergence of influencers as significant information sources, PR teams must adapt their approach to pitching non-traditional outlets. Content must be tailored to suit the specific needs of these platforms.

The interesting outcome of this shift is that much of the content required by PR teams overlaps with the content needed by digital marketing teams. Collaborating on content planning and creation streamlines resource allocation, saves time and money and, ultimately, builds a library of assets that benefit both teams. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also ensures consistency and effectiveness in reaching your target audience across diverse media channels.

Leveraging Media Coverage as Content

When PR teams secure coverage of brands in the media, it’s a golden opportunity to also make a lasting impression on your audience on your owned channels.

  1. Share the Spotlight
    Media outlets frequently showcase your story or excerpts on their website and social media.  Sharing this coverage on your company’s owned channels serves as a genuine third-party endorsement for your brand. It adds credibility and trustworthiness, reinforcing your reputation.
  2. Unveil the Behind-the-Scenes
    Consumers relish glimpses into the inner workings of your brand, fostering a deeper connection and affinity. Your PR team often captures candid behind-the-scenes content moments during interviews and interactions. This can become a wellspring of engaging content for your social channels.
  3. Increase Collaboration
    Media outlets are also in constant pursuit of engaging their audience. Your PR team can play a pivotal role in connecting your digital marketing team with counterparts at the media outlet.  This collaborative effort allows both teams to align their content plans, establish content sharing guidelines and exchange social media handles for tagging.  Media outlets understand the value of broadening their reach through your brand’s channels. This opens more opportunities for you to share content on your platforms, thereby extending your brand’s reach.

About the Author

Lisa Taylor is the founder and chief strategist of Osprey Nest Enterprises LLC, a company that uses a business driven and personalized approach to help people and brands tell their stories authentically, inclusively and effectively.  A global communications leader with more than 25 years of storytelling experience, Lisa has worked in live entertainment, travel & tourism, consumer products & services, sports, television and publishing throughout her career.