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Revisit Your Digital Marketing with a COVID Lens

COVID changes mean that every brand needs to reassess the approach to marketing. Make sure your strategy is in line with the times, both in terms of the needs of your customer and the relevance of your products and services.

With people spending more time online than ever before, brands need to shift focus to their digital operations and look for effective ways to connect, interact and transact with their audience. Brands need to be in step with major themes:

  • Transition to remote work and school
  • Health and safety
  • Supporting others

Consumer behavior and market dynamics are changing. Some restrictions get lifted only to be reimposed. The way of doing business and providing services is changing. It is essential to monitor brand communication at all times and quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

This can be a good time to reach out to your existing brand community and initiate new and meaningful conversations. You want to let your customers know that you want to be part of helping them to navigate COVID changes. You want to learn what they expect from you as a brand.

Show people what you are doing to be relevant. This can start with posting your COVID policies on your website and elsewhere online. Nothing is standard anymore. Help people to know how you are operating for their safety.