Social selling

Selling on Social

We’ve all been forced to do more of our business online. Have you looked at your sales process to make sure it is also optimized for online? Social selling can be effective.

Here are a few concepts that are important to social selling. Add them into your sales funnel to maximize the effectiveness of your online sales efforts.

Social Proximity

When selling online, you want to leverage the social connections you, your team and your brand have made online.  This includes your direct connections as well as the connections of those connections. An advantage in growing your online network is to increase the chance that you will have a first or second degree social connection to a large number of your prospective buyers.

Sphere of Influence

The sphere of influence concept means finding the best way to leverage existing relationships within a target organization. Leveraging existing connections is generally more successful than cold outreach.

Social Engagement

Start your sales process by engaging with connections online. Pay attention to what they post and interact when appropriate. Don’t make your fist direct connection a sales pitch. Establish a baseline online relationship first. With rapport established in social, your sales inquiry can focus on deeper details.