SEO Tips for eCommerce Sites

The goal of your eCommerce website is to sell, right? One way to increase sales is by driving organic traffic to your site. This is why search engine optimization (SEO) is an important consideration. Here are 3 eCommerce website SEO tips that can help grow your business.

Keep it Simple

Make sure your site structure is clear, mobile-optimized and fairly easy to use. Customers should be able to easily search for and locate the products they want. Make sure the shopping cart and check out process is as simple as possible.

If visitors are liking and using your site, search engines will respond with positive rankings.

Pay Attention to Keywords

Relevant keywords are essential for your site. Make sure you know the words and phrases people use when looking for a site like yours. Don’t rely on how you would search or how you think people will search. Take time to research using Google Keyword Planner or another tool. What people actually search is what matters most.

Use these keywords in website content and product descriptions. Help people and search engines find you by using the right words!

Optimize Product Images

Images frequently appear in Google search results, presenting you with a great opportunity to get your products noticed. Use high-quality JPEG images that are optimized for website access. When possible give the images a name that is relevant to what they depict. Include an alt tag for every image. Use those keywords!