Digital Marketing and Public Relations Strategy – Big Picture, Big Results

Great marketing and communication is about relationships. An organization’s relationship with its stakeholders must be focused on serving their needs, not simply spinning a positive image or selling.

Kurtz Digital Strategy takes a strategic approach to your marketing and communication. We provide clients with digital strategy consulting using a process that ensures that you get the right plan for your needs. Your plan will take the mystery out of what needs to be done and how to measure results.

Online Presence Boot Camp – A Better You Online in Just 60 Days

Every day, your customers and potential customers are getting an impression of you online. They are visiting your website, seeing your profiles and posts on social media, and researching you in relevant online directories. It is as important to pay as much attention to your online presence as you do in your offline interactions.

With the boot camp program, Kurtz Digital Strategy addresses the components of a strong online presence that engages with a specific target audience or customer in mind. Building strong, two-way relationships and nurturing them on an ongoing basis online, positions your business for long-term success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tune Up – Get Found

How is you relationship with Google? Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches per day. If you aren’t on good terms with search engines you are missing new business every day.

KDS SEO service assesses your current SEO status and develops a plan to increase the visibility of your website and online presence. We know what to do to help Google – and your target customers – to find you.

We offer assessment, action plan and implementation services, all customized to your needs.

Website Development and Management

Managing your website can be like learning to speak a whole new language. There’s developer-speak, designer-speak, host-speak and several other foreign tongues involved. Too bad you can’t just say what you need in plain English and get the results you want.

Well, you can. With Kurtz Digital Strategy leading your website redesign project, all you need to do is say what you want and I’ll handle all the translating for you. We will also help you understand the latest trends and technologies that you can leverage to take your website to the next level. You will get results that exceed your expectations, on time and on budget.

Content Strategy

To make an impression in the digital landscape you must have great content. People look to blogs, websites, social media, and online directories to get and verify information. They decide who to buy from, what organization to join, and much more based on information they find online, often without ever contacting you.

You need to establish yourself as a credible expert online. You may not know where to start or you may have great content but no idea how to effectively leverage it. Either way, you need a content strategy to define the path to success.

A La Carte Strategic Communication Services

Kurtz Digital Strategy provides digital marketing and public relations expertise that allows you to achieve your business goals.

With more than 30 years of experience serving clients of all sizes in many industries, we offer a full-range of services to meet all your marketing and communication needs. If the service you need is not listed below, contact me to find out if we can help or if we can provide a reference to another great resource to help you.

  • Speaking and training
  • Relationship building with key constituencies
  • Earned media programs to build expertise
  • Media relations
  • Writing and editing

Contact me today to talk about the right services to achieve your goals.