Great content starts with your goals.

Audience Analysis

We will work with you to take a deep look at your target audience(s). We may develop personas to help illustrate each key audience.

Other common inputs include:

  • Marketing and communication plans
  • Data from related current activities, such as website and social media metrics, media placements, etc.
  • Available quantitative data and research from credible sources such as such as Nielsen, Gallup, and Pew to gain insight into on target demographics
  • Available qualitative data, such as comments from current engaged audiences
  • Website development documents

Content Analysis

We will inventory your content, identifying key themes, messages, topics, etc. We will help you to take a look at the purpose of your content and map the content to each key audience/persona.

At this stage we also look at the process for creating and sharing content, looking for what’s working and what can be adjusted to increase the impact of content.

Content Strategy

We  will create a road map or playbook for the best processes for your entire content life cycle, from concept to creation to dissemination to archiving and, in some cases, removal.
We consider:

  • Types of content
  • Who is responsible
  • Desired timing
  • Editorial calendar
  • Measurement and metrics